Dark sky and streaks of lightning

Lightning can strike anyplace on Earth. In fact, there are about 6,000 lightning strikes every minute, which is more than 8 million strikes every day. You can protect yourself and your loved ones if you know what to do when you see lightning or when you hear thunder as a warning. The risk of being struck by lightning is low, but the consequences of lightning strike injuries are serious. From 2006 through 2021, lightning caused an average of 28 deaths per year in the United States.

Health and Safety Concerns for All Disasters
Learn more about health and safety concerns for all disasters, such as illnesses, injuries, carbon monoxide poisoning, animals and insects, food, water, cleanup, mold, environmental concerns, and coping with a disaster.

Infographic: Be Ready! Hurricanes Ready: Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed. Social Media at CDC Emergency