Hurricanes and Other Tropical Storms

Prepare for Hurricane Season

Preparedness and Safety Messaging for Hurricanes, Flooding, and Similar Disasters
CDC developed a reference document that contains key messages on hurricane and flood related health threats. The Preparedness and Safety Messaging for Hurricanes, Flooding, and Similar Disasterspdf icon [PDF – 1.18 MB] can help local responders quickly create and adapt health communication products for affected communities. The document contains messages on various topics including food safety, carbon monoxide poisoning, waterborne diseases, and mold.

Hurricane Messaging Toolkit
Share health and safety information with friends and family using our multimedia toolkit: How to Help Loved Ones in Hurricane-Affected Areas.

Hurricanes are dangerous and destructive. Known also as cyclones and typhoons in other parts of the world, hurricanes cause high winds, flooding, heavy rain, and storm surges (high tidal waves).

Learn more about hurricanes and other tropical storms so you can be prepared to keep your family safe.

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