Resources For Your Practice


Individuals at risk for type 2 diabetes may be more likely to consider a lifestyle change program if their health care professional recommends it. Below are resources and materials to help you screen your patients for prediabetes and refer them to a CDC-recognized diabetes prevention lifestyle change program.

Materials to Engage and Recruit Patients

CDC developed these resources to encourage health care professionals to refer at-risk patients to a lifestyle change program. These materials help educate health care professionals about the program and offer them tools for easy referrals.

AMA Diabetes Prevention Toolkit

Health care teams can use these materials, developed by the American Medical Association (AMA), to help prevent type 2 diabetes by referring patients to an in-person or online CDC-recognized lifestyle change program. The AMA Diabetes Prevention Toolkit provides tools and resources for the health care team, such as billing codes, information on how to optimize your electronic health record for diabetes prevention, and fact sheets about prediabetes and the National DPP.

Resources for Pharmacists

Learn how pharmacists can participate and access the “Rx for the National Diabetes Prevention Program: Action Guide for Community Pharmacists,” which is designed to help community pharmacists and members of the pharmacy workforce reach people at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes who could benefit from the National DPP lifestyle change program.