Facts about Diabetes and Prediabetes

National Diabetes Statistics Report, 2017

Find the most recent statistics about diabetes in the United States.

Diabetes Report Card

Learn current information on the status of diabetes and prediabetes in the United States.

Diabetes Data and Statistics

View national-, state-, and county-level maps detailing the burden of diabetes in the United States.

Diabetes State Burden Toolkit

Learn about the health, economic, and mortality burden of diabetes in your state.

Lifestyle Change Program Resources

Registry of All Recognized Organizations

View the list of organizations offering CDC-recognized lifestyle change programs.

CDC Recognition Program Standards and Operating Procedures pdf icon[PDF – 702KB]

Read the standards and operating procedures that organizations must meet to receive CDC recognition for their lifestyle change program.

Diabetes Prevention Impact Toolkit

Use this tool to project the health and economic effects of CDC-recognized lifestyle change programs on populations at risk for diabetes.

AMA DPP Cost Saving Calculatorexternal icon

Calculate your potential medical costs savings from providing CDC-recognized lifestyle change programs as a covered benefit.

Information for Lifestyle Change Program Providers

National DPP Customer Service Center (CSC)

Learn detailed information about implementing a lifestyle change program.

PreventT2 Curriculum and Handouts

View and download the CDC-developed PreventT2 Curriculum and accompanying handouts, available in English or Spanish.

PreventT2 Marketing Resources for Recruiting and Retaining

Use these tools and guidance to help recruit participants, encourage health care professionals to refer eligible patients to your program, and engage local employers and insurers in dialog about offering CDC-recognized lifestyle change programs as a covered health benefit.

Retention Tool

This web-based tool helps motivate participants in lifestyle change programs to stay on track, stick with the program, and reach their health goals.

Prediabetes Risk Test

Could you have prediabetes? Take the online Prediabetes Risk Test, or access the paper risk test in English pdf icon[PDF – 228KB] or Spanish pdf icon[PDF – 212KB] here.

Information for Health Care Providers

AMA Diabetes Prevention Toolkitexternal icon

These resources were developed by the American Medical Association (AMA) to help health care teams prevent type 2 diabetes by referring patients to a CDC-recognized lifestyle change program.

How Pharmacists Can Participate

Access the “Rx for the National Diabetes Prevention Program: Action Guide for Community Pharmacists,” which is designed to help community pharmacists and members of the pharmacy workforce reach people at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes who could benefit from the National DPP lifestyle change program.


Testimonials from Participants

See success stories from past participants of CDC-recognized lifestyle change programs.

Page last reviewed: December 6, 2018