Personal Success Tool

Key points

The Personal Success Tool is an easy-to-use, interactive, web-based resource to help National DPP Lifestyle Coaches increase participant retention. Coaches can share motivational modules to reinforce program content and help participants stay in the lifestyle change program for the entire year.

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Personal Success Tool modules‎

Send your program participants motivational modules that are tailored to specific sessions to reinforce program content in a timely way.
  • The Lifestyle Coach's Guide is a short overview of the Personal Success Tool: what it is, how to use it, and when to share it with participants. It links to the Quick Reference Guide that helps you schedule and track Personal Success Tool modules.
  • The Quick Reference Guide is a printable worksheet that helps you schedule and track when to send out each module, regardless of the curriculum you're using. It also provides suggestions for texts or emails to your participants.
  • Talking Points provide coaches with ideas on how to introduce the Personal Success Tool to participants and what benefits they may gain.
  • The Participant Overview is a handout you can print or send to your participants to explain what the Personal Success Tool is and what to expect.