Meet Meagan

This firsthand experience channeled a motivating moment for me. Meagan

My breast cancer scare reminded me how important it is to know my body and talk to my doctor about my risk. 

Finding the Courage to Act

Meagan studying

I was shocked when I found a pea-sized lump in my breast during my senior year of college. I have no family history of breast cancer, so I had not given much thought to my own risk.

With my mom’s support, I found the courage to get the lump checked out by my doctor. After an ultrasound and biopsy, I found out the lump was not cancerous.

The process was scary, but it gave me a new appreciation for my yearly checkups and reminded me to always pay attention to my body.

Empowering Others to Talk About Health

Meagan’s Motivated Moment

Meagan found a lump in her own breast and found the courage to get it checked out. Listen to her story, and be inspired to take control of your breast health.

I was always passionate about educating others about sexual health, but my scare with breast cancer motivated me to become a family nurse practitioner specializing in women’s health.

Through my job, I love that I can empower young women to talk openly with their health care providers.