Meet Genetic Counselor Joyce Turner, MS, CGC

Genetic testing can help empower women to make decisions about their health care. Joyce

I am a genetic counselor and a breast cancer survivor who encourages women with a family history of breast cancer to explore genetic counseling and testing.

Helping Women Understand Their Risk

Joyce discussing with her patient

I guide my patients to understand their family health history. I ask them if any close relatives (on mom’s or dad’s side) have had cancer, what type of cancer, and how old they were when they were diagnosed.

I then help them decide if genetic testing is right for them. If my patients choose to get tested, I explain their results. If they are at high risk for breast cancer, I help them make a plan to manage their risk.

The Role of Family History in Breast Cancer

Genetic counselor Joyce Turner, MSC, CGC, explains how family history of breast cancer may indicate inherited changes in genes that increase your personal risk for breast cancer.

My Own Breast Cancer Experience

From my professional training, I knew that I had an increased risk for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer because of my Ashkenazi Jewish heritage and family cancer history.

After having children, I decided to get genetic counseling and testing. My genetic test results did not find any gene mutations known to increase breast cancer risk.

However, I was diagnosed with breast cancer one year later, at age 35. After undergoing treatment and surgery to remove my breasts, I am now cancer-free.

As a genetic counselor, I empower women to learn about their cancer risk and take action, even if they can’t control what’s in their genes.

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