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Lisa’s Videos

Photo of Lisa

Lisa has five aunts and one cousin who had breast cancer, and one aunt who had ovarian cancer. Her cousin and three of those aunts were younger than age 50 when they were diagnosed. After talking to several health professionals, Lisa decided to get tested for a BRCA gene mutation because she wanted to know more about her cancer risk and management options. Learn more about Lisa by watching her videos.

Lisa: Start the Conversation About Family History of Breast Cancer

Lisa talks about how she realized that having family members with pre-menopausal breast and ovarian cancer meant that she has a higher risk of getting cancer before she turned 45. She talks about how this affected her as a young mother and why she takes steps to manage her risk. Lisa provides a tip for talking with family members about their history of cancer.

Lisa: Empower Yourself by Learning Your Family’s Cancer History

Lisa’s family history of breast and ovarian cancer puts her at higher risk for getting cancer in the future. Watch this video to learn how she’s used this information to empower herself.

Lisa: My Experience with BRCA Counseling and Testing

Lisa, age 41, talks about how her family history led her to get genetic counseling and testing for BRCA gene mutations. She describes the genetic testing experience, and how it helped her understand her family history and manage her risk for breast cancer.

Lisa: Be Your Own Health Advocate

Lisa, age 41, talks about her decision to get genetic counseling and testing to find out if she had a BRCA gene mutation, and how the experience empowered her to understand her options and be her own best health advocate.