National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS)

Department of Health and Human Services
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Deputy Director for Public Science & Surveillance, (C,P)
National Center For Health Statistics, (C,P,C)

Level 1:  Office of the Director, (C,P,C,1)

Level 2:  Office of Management & Operations, (C,P,C,1,2)

  • Level 3Building Operations & Services Staff, (C,P,C,1,2,2)
  • Level 3Business Logistics Staff, (C,P,C,1,2,3)
  • Level 3Workforce & Career Development Staff, (C,P,C,1,2,4)

Level 2Office of Planning, Budget, & Legislation, (C,P,C,1,4)

Level 2:  Office of Information Services, (C,P,C,1,5)

  • Level 3Information Dissemination Staff, (C,P,C,1,5,2)
  • Level 3Information Design & Publishing Staff, (C,P,C,1,5,3)

Level 2:  Classifications & Public Health Data Standards Staff, (C,P,C,1,6)

Level 2:  Office of Information Technology, (C,P,C,1,7)

  • Level 3Information Technology Solutions & Services Staff, (C,P,C,1,7,2)

Level 2:  Division of Analysis & Epidemiology, (C,P,C,B)

  • Level 3Health Promotion Statistics Branch, (C,P,C,B,B)
  • Level 3Measures Research & Evaluation Branch, (C,P,C,B,D)
  • Level 3Data Linkage Methodology & Analysis Branch, (C,P,C,B,E)
  • Level 3Population Health Reporting & Dissemination Branch, (C,P,C,B,G)

Level 2:  Division of Vital Statistics, (C,P,C,C)

  • Level 3Data Acquisition & Evaluation Branch, (C,P,C,C,B)
  • Level 3Mortality Statistics Branch, (C,P,C,C,C)
  • Level 3Reproductive Statistics Branch, (C,P,C,C,D)
  • Level 3Information Technology Branch, (C,P,C,C,E)

Level 2:  Division of Health Care Statistics, (C,P,C,D)

  • Level 3Ambulatory and Hospital Care Branch, (C,P,C,D,B)
  • Level 3Long-Term Care Statistics Branch, (C,P,C,D,D)
  • Level 3Technical Services Branch, (C,P,C,D,E)

Level 2:  Division of Health Interview Statistics, (C,P,C,E)

  • Level 3Data Production & Systems Branch, (C,P,C,E,B)
  • Level 3Survey Planning & Special Surveys Branch, (C,P,C,E,C)
  • Level 3Data Analysis & Quality Assurance Branch, (C,P,C,E,D)

Level 2Division of Health & Nutrition Examination Surveys, (C,P,C,G)

  • Level 3Analysis Branch, (C,P,C,G,B)
  • Level 3Informatics Branch, (C,P,C,G,C)
  • Level 3Operations Branch, (C,P,C,G,D)
  • Level 3Planning Branch, (C,P,C,G,E)

Level 2:  Division of Research & Methodology, (C,P,C,H)

  • Level 3Collaborating Center for Statistical Research and Survey Design, (C,P,C,H,B)
  • Level 3Collaborating Center for Questionnaire Design and Evaluation Research, (C,P,C,H,C)
  • Level 3Research Data Center, (C,P,C,H,D)

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Page last reviewed: August 30, 2019