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Tools You Can Use

Noteworthy Items

ErgoMine - 1.0

Download the new ErgoMine Android app for conducting ergonomics audits of bagging, maintenance & repair, and haul truck operations in the mining industry.

BG 4 Benching Trainer Software - 1.0.5

3D virtual reality-based software to teach the benching process for the BG 4 self-contained breathing apparatus used in mine rescue.

EVADE Software - 2.0 Beta

EVADE 2.0 is being rolled out in Beta form due to stakeholder interest. It has expanded video and data features to make it a more generalized and powerful tool.

All Tools & Products


  • thumbnailImproved LED Cap Lamp Designs 5/25/2016
    Download the latest NIOSH plans for LED cap lamps that dramatically improve visibility and offer better battery efficiency.

Guidelines & Best Practices

Guides & Handbooks

Software (Analysis)

Software (Educational)

  • thumbnailAge Awareness Training for Miners 6/1/2008
    The purpose of this training is to provide the information necessary to develop an appreciation of the changes that occur with age and an understanding of methods that can be used to reduce the injury risk that may result.
  • thumbnailBG 4 Benching Trainer Software - 1.0.5 6/12/2015
    3D virtual reality-based software to teach the benching process for the BG 4 self-contained breathing apparatus used in mine rescue.
  • thumbnailHLSim - NIOSH Hearing Loss Simulator - 3.0.1215.1 12/5/2010
    A software training and communication tool for demonstrating the effects of noise exposure on hearing without experiencing an actual noise-induced hearing loss.
  • thumbnailRefuge Chamber Expectations Training - 1.0 10/1/2009
    Refuge Chamber Expectations Training was created by a multidisciplinary team at NIOSH to inform miners of what to expect psychologically and physically if it became necessary to use a refuge chamber in a mine emergency.
  • thumbnailUnderground Coal Mine Map Reading Training - 1.1 11/5/2010
    This training includes three components for teaching and testing mine map reading skills.
  • What Does a Hearing Loss Sound Like? 9/18/2015
    Loud noise can permanently damage your hearing. It especially affects the sounds that help you understand speech. To hear what this sounds like, try these computer-generated samples.
  • thumbnailWhen Do You Take Refuge? Decisionmaking During Mine Emergency Escape 8/1/2011
    This training exposes trainees to the types of decisions that they may need to make during a mine emergency escape and stimulate group discussion about when and why to use a refuge alternative.

Software (Utility)

  • thumbnail3+3 SCSR Donning Screen Saver - 1.0 1/1/2001
    A screen saver that helps the user remember the recommended steps for donning an SCSR in an emergency.
  • thumbnailHazComWriter - 3.1.3 3/9/2010
    Software that helps companies write their required HazCom plans and list all hazardous chemicals at their site.

Training Exercises

Training Supplies