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Treatment of WTC-Related Health Conditions

The Zadroga Act established a List of WTC-Related Health Conditions (List) which are eligible for treatment by the WTC Health Program. This List may be expanded by the Administrator of the WTC Health Program through rulemaking. The Zadroga Act included certain aerodigestive disorders, mental health conditions, and musculoskeletal disorders on the List of conditions eligible for treatment in the Program. Other conditions, such as certain acute traumatic injuries and over 50 types of cancer, have been added to the List by the Administrator through formal rulemaking based on extensive scientific review and research.

In order for the WTC Health Program to provide coverage of treatment expenses for a member, the Program must first certify that the member has a condition included on the List and that the member’s 9/11 exposures are substantially likely to be a significant factor in aggravating, contributing to, or causing the condition. WTC Health Program members must receive treatment from a Program-affiliated healthcare provider.

In Their Words: Member Stories

Tracy McNeil

"My scars are a constant reminder of the sacrifices and selflessness all us first responders endured."

Portrait of a man raising his shirt to show a scar
Portrait of Tracy McNeil raising his shirt to show a scar.
Photograph courtesy of Richard Wiesel.

Victor Ramirez

"If I had to do it all over again, I would."

Portrait of a man speaking and holding up his hands
Portrait of Victor Ramirez.
Photograph courtesy of Richard Wiesel.

Mark Dennis

"Proud to have served my City at 'Ground Hero' and the Landfill."

Portrait of a man looking down and to the side
Portrait of Mark Dennis.
Photograph courtesy of Richard Wiesel.

Nicole Rossetti

"I had to learn and continue to learn daily, my new normal of living."

Portrait of a woman looking up and to the side with her hand on her head
Portrait of Nicole Rossetti.
Photograph courtesy of Richard Wiesel.

Henry Conde

"Experiencing 9-11, as an NYPD police officer, prepared me to provide a deeper and more empathic approach to the work I do during my second career as a clinical therapist working with 9-11 first responders. I have healed by helping those that needed healing. "

Portait of a man with his hands clasped together in front of his face
Portrait of Henry Conde.
Photograph courtesy of Richard Wiesel.

Robert Malfucci

"Membership in the Program has connected me to caring professionals who truly take the time to monitor my health and wellness."

Portrait of a man holding one hand up to his face
Portrait of Robert Malfucci.
Photograph courtesy of Richard Wiesel.

Richard Wiesel

Photographer Richard Wiesel captured the powerful images of WTC Health Program members featured in this section.
Read about what inspired him to capture these images.

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