Routine Immunizations on Schedule for Everyone (RISE)

Let's Rise Initiative. Banner image og 2 children and a woman with bandaids on their arms after getting vaccinated.

Let’s RISE is a CDC initiative to provide actionable strategies, resources, and data to support getting all Americans back on-schedule with their routine immunizations to protect everyone from vaccine-preventable disease and disability.

Take Action to Get Routine Vaccinations Back On-Schedule

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw a concerning drop in routine immunizations for adults and children. Routine vaccination is rebounding but unevenly and has not yet recovered among all groups. While we continue to investigate the impact of the pandemic on routine immunizations, it is crucial that we take steps to help get everyone back on schedule with their routine immunizations.

As trusted community leaders, health care professionals, and partners, you can

  • Prioritize ensuring everyone catches up on routine vaccination
  • Identify individuals behind on their vaccinations,
  • Encourage vaccination catch-up through reminders, recall, and outreach
  • Make strong vaccine recommendations
  • Make vaccines easy for everyone to find and afford

CDC Calls to Action

Strategies and Resources for Healthcare Professionals and Partners

Use evidence-based strategies and available resources to encourage catch up on routine vaccinations and communicate why being up to date on routine vaccinations is critical for staying healthy so that families and adults can make informed decisions.

Strategies to Increase Vaccination Rates

Patient Education Talking Points and Visual Aids

Data for Action

Utilize the latest research and data on trends in vaccination rates and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on routine vaccination coverage to find and protect communities that have fallen behind on vaccinations:

Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR)


State of Vaccine Confidence Reports

CDC Vaccination Coverage Estimates

Press Releases