This is a TEST: Community Reception Center (CRC)

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This toolkit is for the This is a TEST CRC Edition training and exercise simulation tool for community reception centers. Rulebook and playthrough video resources cover how to use this tool in your jurisdiction.

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This is a TEST CRC Edition (TEST CRC) is a training and exercise simulation tool that helps participants understand specific roles and responsibilities at a community reception center (CRC) during a radiation emergency. The game uses a serious collaborative design to bridge the gap between discussion and operational exercises. It uses narrative-based problems to foster teamwork and discussion of resource management.


  • Provide pressures or situations similar to a real emergency
  • Highlight the need to work together to process the population effectively


TEST CRC was designed with several learning and exercise objectives:

  • Provide realistic scenarios that introduce difficult choices
  • Highlight the complexity of an emergency response
  • Facilitate discussion of access and functional needs and health equity considerations
  • Create engaging experiences that foster collaboration
  • Facilitate understanding of organizational responsibilities
  • Provide ways to visualize process flow and resource needs for a radiation response
  • Enable players to feel more confident transitioning to operational-based exercises

Who should use TEST CRC?

Emergency preparedness and response professionals who may be involved with setting up and operating a CRC to respond to a radiation emergency.

Player roles include:

  • Communications
  • Emergency management
  • Fire and police
  • Hospitals
  • Public health
  • Radiation control
  • Volunteer coordinators

See TEST in action

Group of people with gameboard and pieces on table.
Group of public health professionals playing TEST CRC at conference.

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