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Implementation of a Physical Activity Vital Sign in Primary Care: Associations Between Physical Activity, Demographic Characteristics, and Chronic Disease Burden


There were 85,355 visits from May 23, 2018–February 27, 2021; 7,460 visits were removed because the patient was aged <21 years; 77,895 visits remained for analysis. Of these, 63,279 visits had a 0 for PAVS code, 174 visits had a 1 for PAVS code but were missing total minutes per week (recoded to 0), and 14,442 visits had a 1 for PAVS code and total minutes per week. We removed 33,956 visits because the visit date was outside July 1, 2018–January 31, 2020. At the visit level, 43,939 visits remained for analysis, corresponding to 15,126 unique patients. We then removed 30,235 visits (6,385 unique patients) from analysis because of lack of PAVS. For our analysis, we had data on 13,704 visits, corresponding to 8,741 unique patients.


Patient selection for data analysis in a primary care clinic that explored the use of a physical activity vital sign (PAVS), United States, 2018–2020.

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