Two Publications of the CASM II Seminar

In June 1997, the National Center for Health Statistics and the National Science Foundation, with support of several Federal statistical agencies, sponsored the Second Advanced Research Seminar on the Cognitive Aspects of Survey Methodology (CASM II Seminar). The CASM II Seminar was attended by about 50 outstanding researchers and survey methodologists representing a broad range of scientific disciplines. The Seminar assessed the contributions of the CASM movement since its inception at the CASM I Seminar in June 1984 and sketched a roadmap for fostering interdisciplinary survey methods research into the twenty-first century. This is an announcement of the availability of two CASM II Seminar publications.

  • A New Agenda for Interdisciplinary Survey Research Methods: Proceedings of the CASM II Seminar, edited by Monroe Sirken, Thomas Jabine, Gordon Willis, Elizabeth Martin, and Clyde Tucker was published March 1999 by the National Center of Health Statistics (NCHS). It is accessible in its entirety at the NCHS Web site (see PDF Hot Link below). This publication summarizes the history of the CASM movement and reviews current needs and proposes future directions for interdisciplinary survey methods research. Its highlights include eight working group reports outlining research agendas that address critically important survey issues, abstracts of articles that were presented at 4 plenary sessions as well as rapporteur comments, and an edited transcript of oral history interviews with 17 pioneers of the CASM movement.

    A New Agenda for Interdisciplinary Survey Research Methods: Proceedings of the CASM II Seminar. 136 pp. [PDF – 811 KB]

  • Cognition and Survey Research, edited by Monroe Sirken, Douglas Herrmann, Susan Schechter, Norbert Schwartz, Judith Tanur, and Roger Tourangeau was published in April 1999 by John Wiley and Sons (ISBN 0-471-24138-5) in its Probability and Statistics Series, Survey Methodology Section. This publication contains the 22 articles that were commissioned for the CASM II Seminar. Leading survey researchers, cognitive psychologists, and other scientists from around the globe critically review the impact of CASM research since 1984 and discuss the important roles of computer science, statistics, and other scientific disciplines in a rapidly evolving field of interdisciplinary survey methods research.