Highlights of the Healthy People 2000 Final Review

Healthy People 2000 Final Review. 382 pp. (PHS) 2001-0256. [PDF – 3 MB]

NOTE: Table 9 has been replaced because Objective 9.6 rows b-g were omitted from original copy (11/2001).

  • At the end of the decade, the most recent data indicate that 68 objectives (21 percent) met the year 2000 targets and an additional 129 (41 percent) showed movement toward the targets. Data for 35 objectives (11 percent) showed mixed results and 7 (2 percent) showed no change from the baseline. Only 47 objectives (15 percent) showed movement away from the targets. The status of 32 objectives (10 percent) could not be assessed.
  • One of the major accomplishments includes surpassing the target for reducing deaths from coronary heart disease and cancer.
  • The Nation also made progress toward the goal of reducing health disparities for more than one-half of the special population objectives identified to be at increased risk by Healthy People 2000.
  • Another important development for the next decade is the publication Tracking Healthy People 2010. As a guidebook on the statistics used for Healthy People, it will assist programs at the local, State, and national levels in producing and using the required data. Healthy People 2000 Final Review is available on the NCHS Web site.