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Data User's Agreement

Federal law (The Public Health Service Act (Section 308 (d))) provides that these data may be used only for the purpose of health statistical reporting and analysis. Any effort to determine the identity of any person or establishment is prohibited by this law.

NCHS does all it can to assure that the identity of data subjects cannot be disclosed. All direct identifiers, as well as any characteristics that might lead to identification, are omitted from the data files. In addition, a small number of records have had one or more responses slightly modified through statistical perturbation. These modifications do not affect point estimates or statistical significance, but are intended to prevent definitive identification of individual respondents.

By downloading National Survey of Family Growth data, you signify your agreement to comply with the following legal requirements:

  1. To use these data for statistical reporting and analysis only;
  2. To make no use of the identity of any person or establishment discovered inadvertently and advise the Director, NCHS, of any such discovery (301-458-4500); and
  3. To not link these data with individually identifiable data from any other data set.

Accept terms and Right-Click or Ctrl-Click on Mac and choose "Save Target As" to download file.