Clinic Implementation Checklist


Use this checklist to make sure you have all the pieces in place at your clinic to implement your Developmental Milestone Checklist Program into WIC.


  • Explore the information and materials on CDC’s Developmental Milestone Checklist Program for WIC (
  • Review any state-specific website or implementation guidance, if available
  • Identify program champions at your agency and clinic
  • Request or print all program materials

Get Set!

  • Connect with your program champion(s)
  • Identify the best way to integrate the checklists into your clinic flow (e.g., when you enter data and parent has down time)
  • Organize checklists and other materials into a toolkit or file drawer for easy access
  • Confirm your state or agency’s recommended referral process for children with potential developmental delay
  • Install floor and wall blocks throughout the clinic


  • Announce the program to your clients, community, local physicians, and others.
  • Customize and share an announcement to clients, a press release with local media, and a letter with local healthcare providers.
  • Invite parents to complete the checklists during certification and mid-certification visits.
  • Review completed checklists with parents. Check for missing milestones, checked items in the purple box, and/or written parent concerns.
  • Refer for screening when checklist indicates a possible developmental concern, or celebrate with parent if child is reaching age-appropriate milestones.


If your clinic runs into any snags along the way, don’t worry! Use this checklist to help you determine where the issues are, then review the Implementation Guide and Frequently Asked Questions to see if you can find the answer. If you still need help, contact your agency or state program champion.