How to Monitor Development

Getting your Milestone Checklist Program Up and Running in WIC

Planning your Milestone Checklist Program for WIC will take some time and require some decision-making, but once you’ve decided how best to customize the program for your state, agency, or clinic, maintaining the three core components of the program—graphics, checklists, and referrals—is easy!

A few easy steps will get you started:

  • Identify program champions
  • Encourage WIC staff to take the Introduction to Child Development for WIC Staff training module
  • Develop a process for training, implementation, and tracking that works best for your clinic(s)
  • Customize and prepare materials
  • Spread the word
  • Do a test phase where the staff try it out, identify challenges
  • Make changes based on staff questions and feedback
  • Begin implementing
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Before you know it, you’ll be better at supporting staff to handle questions and concerns about development, educating and engaging parents, and making referrals to promote children’s healthy development.

This Implementation Guide will describe the process step-by-step and offer tools and other resources to help.