How Developmental Monitoring Helps WIC Staff

WIC Staff are well-positioned to engage, educate, and empower families to track their child’s importantdevelopmental milestones:

Doctor reviewing a milestone checklist with a parent
  • WIC providers are an important resource for parents in the community and may be the first to notice potential developmental delays.
  • Parents look to WIC providers as a trusted source of information about their child’s growth and development.
  • WIC providers may be concerned about a child’s development and need tools and resources to more easily communicate that concern to the parent.

Developmental Monitoring in WIC Supports WIC Staff and Helps Parents:

  • Helps WIC staff bring up and respond to questions or concerns from parents about their child’s development
  • Provides a quick and easy way to monitor a child’s early development using the Learn the Signs. Act Early. milestone checklists
  • Helps parents set goals related to their child’s growth and development
  • Offers parents information about their child’s development
  • Provides WIC staff with resources and tools to refer a child when indicated
  • Helps WIC staff understand child development so that they may help educate parents on this important topic
  • Provides an additional, valued service to children and families that can help improve retention through age 5

Work done in Missouri WIC has shown that the Milestone Checklist Program using Learn the Signs. Act Early. materials can improve developmental monitoring of young children and help identify children that would benefit from early intervention services and support.