Content Checklist for Program Webpage

It may be helpful to set up a page for your WIC Milestone Checklist Program on your state agency’s website to offer information on the program, clinic eligibility, how to enroll, where to obtain training, and how to get additional help. This offers clinic staff a one-stop resource for how to launch and implement the program.

Content for this webpage could include:

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  1. A banner with the name of your Developmental Milestone Checklist Program for WIC
    • Example: {State Name} WIC Developmental Milestone Checklist Program for WIC
  2. An introduction that identifies the state agency promoting the program, the purposes of the program, and the expected benefits of participation.
    • Sample language:
    • {State Agency} and {partners} encourage WIC agencies to implement the Developmental Milestone Checklist Program to engage parents in monitoring early developmental milestones and help identify and refer the 1 in 6 children with a developmental delay or disability.
    • This program helps WIC staff engage parents in monitoring their children’s early development and know when and how to refer families for follow-up if there are concerns. Using materials developed by experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Developmental Milestone Checklist Program was originally developed in Missouri by WIC staff for WIC staff. Evaluation of the program showed that it fit in well in WIC clinics, was easy for WIC staff, and was meaningful to families. Almost all WIC staff educators identified children with possible developmental delay and made referrals for more services.
    • The Developmental Milestone Checklist Program uses a set of checklists and family-friendly wall and floor graphics to increase parents’ awareness of developmental milestones and to promote the early identification of potential developmental delay. The program positively impacts families and children and is easy to implement.
    • The program content is based on the CDC’s Learn the Signs. Act Early. public health campaign.
    • View this brief video to learn more.
  3. Information on how to enroll in the program and obtain materials
    1. This section would provide instructions on how local agencies and clinics will enroll in your state. A link to an online application or enrollment form could be included. Include information on how your state will distribute materials to sites and how sites can request materials.
  4. Training materials
    • This section could include links to training materials developed by CDC or training materials and any in-person training available from your state agency.
    • Online Implementation Guide—A general implementation guide is available on the CDC web site. You can customize this implementation guide for your state and link to it here.
    • Training Video—A general training video (adapted from Missouri’s) is available online; it is 15 minutes long.
  5. Obtaining technical assistance
    1. This section would include a link to the clinic-level implementation checklist, the Deskside Reference Guide [176 KB, 2 Pages, 508], Frequently Asked Questions, and information about how to obtain technical assistance.
  1. Other Resources and References
  2. Useful publications: