Share and Celebrate Your Success

Setting up and implementing your WIC Milestone Checklist Program takes time and dedication. There will be challenges along the way, which can be resolved with the support of talented WIC staff at all levels, as well as the support of CDC, your state’s CDC Act Early Ambassador, and others. Celebrate your achievements!

Share Your Success

African American woman standing and talking at briefing

After a few months, you’re likely to have success with enrollment and implementation. In a few more months, your clinics will be providing developmental monitoring at certification and mid-certification visits. Share your successes with your leadership and those implementing the program. Share it broadly across WIC agencies in your state. Additional WIC agencies and clinics may choose to join efforts if they see momentum in clinic enrollment.

Leadership Let leadership know. Developmental monitoring can make a real difference for WIC clients. Share your program success with leadership in your agency and beyond:

  • Highlight stories from your clinics
  • Use maps to show how agency and clinic participation has increased over time
  • Try to get local media to do a story on the program

WIC Agencies and staff  WIC staff will want to know how they are doing. Information from tracking activities should be shared at the agency and clinic levels on a routine basis.

Recognize and Celebrate

WIC Agencies and Staff  You will have agencies and staff that embrace the Developmental Milestone Checklist Program and have great success. Success is likely to energize folks to even greater success and encourage other clinics to participate. Find ways to recognize your participating agencies and clinics by:

  • Posting articles in newsletters or on your website.
  • Including program successes in presentations at local, regional, or national meetings.
  • Giving recognition at state, district or agency meetings.