Using the Milestone Tracker App to Promote Developmental Monitoring During WIC Visits

The WIC clinic sets up an email account where WIC participants can email the results of the checklist from the CDC Milestone Tracker App. WIC staff encourage the participant to email their child’s summary to the clinic before their next appointment. This step will greatly facilitate a parent and WIC staff partnership in monitoring developmental milestones.

    • WIC staff provide information on how to download the app, fill out the checklist, and email the summary to their WIC clinic during each WIC appointment. This could be done by:
      • Verbal information provided during an appointment
      • Virtual handout
      • Email
      • Including in an appointment reminder
      • Text
    • WIC staff note that the participant was provided with directions on how to download the app and email their child’s summary to the WIC clinic in the participants’ electronic record to remind them to ask about it at their next appointment.
    • At their next appointment, the WIC staff ask if the participant has downloaded the app and emailed the checklist summary to the clinic.
    • The WIC staff member reviews the checklist summary with the parent, provides feedback about the child’s development, and refers for further assessment if indicated.

As in the core WIC checklist program, the checklist visit may be used as part of the parent’s goalsetting. The WIC staff member can also set an alert to follow up if a referral is made. This option has the advantage of encouraging parent and WIC staff interactions regarding the children’s development and underscoring the importance of developmental monitoring in the context of this relationship.