Training Staff

Training Video:
Implementing the Developmental
Milestone Checklist Program for WIC Staff

Your strategy for training staff to implement your WIC Developmental Milestone Checklist Program is best determined by your team, in collaboration with clinic leadership and clinic-level champions. Efforts should be made to keep the training as simple as possible, which, in Missouri, helped to improve clinic buy-in and sustainability.

Training efforts in Missouri included dedicated time during a regular staff meeting to review the state- customized implementation manual and Deskside Reference Guide [176 KB, 2 Pages, 508], view the 20-minute training video, practice mock encounters, and answer questions. A key component of the training was making sure staff knew what resources to review or whom to consult when they had a question or problem.

Remember, there is no expectation that WIC staff become child development experts, nor experts in developmental delays or disabilities. They need only to be able to engage parents in completing milestone checklists, use the provided resources to answer common questions about the program, and make referrals when warranted.

To help staff feel more confident, you can encourage them to take the Introduction to Child Development for WIC Staff training module.