Options for Promoting Developmental Monitoring During WIC Virtual Visits

Developmental monitoring can be done as part of a virtual visit or by phone with the help of virtual options available to your WIC clinics. It is important to note that most of these options are supplementary to the core WIC checklist program. These do not replace the core model but will help WIC staff be able to provide some options when in-person clinic visits are not possible.

*The core model for the WIC checklist program consists of:

  1. Engaging imagery on the walls and floors of the clinic to introduce milestone monitoring in a fun and friendly way.
  2. Helping parents complete a milestone checklist.
  3. A brief discussion with the caregiver and a referral if there may be a developmental concern.

Online Milestone Checklists

  • CDC’s Digital Online Milestone Checklists
    One way to closely replicate the core WIC checklist program is to encourage WIC participants to complete an online milestone checklist and email their child’s summary to their WIC clinic prior to their next appointment with WIC staff. The steps in this process would include:
    • WIC staff provide information on how to fill out an online checklist during each WIC appointment. This could be done by:
      • Explaining the process during an appointment
      • Emailing or texting instructions
      • Linking to the web page from an appointment reminder
    • WIC staff make a note of this in the participants’ electronic record that serves as a reminder to ask about it at their next appointment.
    • At their next appointment, the WIC staff ask if the participant has completed the online checklist or gives them a moment to do so.
    • The WIC staff member reviews the completed checklist with the parent and refers for developmental screening or to another resource if appropriate.
  • As in the core WIC checklist program, the checklist visit may be used as part of the parent’s goalsetting. The WIC staff member can also set an alert to follow up if a referral is made. This option has the advantage of encouraging parent and WIC staff interactions regarding the children’s development and underscoring the importance of developmental monitoring in the context of this relationship.

To use CDC’s Digital Online Milestone Checklist:

  1. Visit CDC’s Digital Online Checklist Page and select the age of your child.
  2. Fill in today’s date.
  3. Answer the questions about your child’s development using the pictures and videos provided.
  4. Enter your email address into the email box to receive a copy of your child’s summary. Hit submit.
  5. When you receive the email with your child’s summary, forward a copy to your WIC clinic. Be sure to include your child’s first and last name and birthdate.
  6. Review the summary at your next WIC appointment and share any concerns you may have with your WIC provider.

Contact actearly@cdc.gov if you have any questions about the online checklist form.

Individual State Checklists: Another option is for states to set up their own online checklist form on their state’s
WIC website. Check out Nevada WIC’s online checklist or Massachusetts WIC’s online checklist for an example.