Recruiting Clinics

Implementation will vary by state and location, depending on agency resources and the interest of the WIC clinics. The lead agency will need to decide whether to implement in all clinics or roll out to a few clinics or clinics in a limited region, scaling up to statewide later.

Recruitment Video: The Developmental Milestone Checklist Program—It’s Working in WIC!

Developmental monitoring using milestone checklists has proven useful to WIC staff in Missouri, and many clinics and agencies across the country have adapted the Missouri model for their own use. Remember, however, developmental monitoring is not a requirement of WIC. Therefore, it will be necessary to promote the program by explaining the benefits to both WIC clients and WIC staff. In many cases, developmental monitoring can be considered an educational contact when linking nutrition and self-feeding skills to development. This will be a decision of your state WIC agency.

It is essential to have all the support pieces in place before recruiting clinics.

PRO TIP:  Once clinics are recruited, they will want to get started. Make sure you are ready with all materials needed for clinics and a process for supporting your clinics.

Support materials include:

District and other meetings attended by WIC agencies and clinics are a good place to discuss the opportunity to participate in your Developmental Milestone Checklist Program and share a sample Deskside Reference Guide [176 KB, 2 Pages, 508] to illustrate ease of implementation. Your champion(s) can be very helpful in doing so.