Recruitment and Training Videos

Recruitment Video: The Developmental Milestone Checklist Program—It’s Working in WIC!

This recruitment video is for WIC staff, by WIC staff. If you are a WIC administrator, provider, or staff member, watch this recruitment video to learn more about the program and get everyone on board and ready for implementation!

Training Video: Implementing the Developmental Milestone Checklist Program for WIC Staff

In this training video, WIC staff will receive step-by-step instruction on how to integrate a WIC Developmental Milestone Checklist Program into WIC clinics.

Additional Training: Introduction to Child Development for WIC Staff

In this training, WIC staff will learn some basics of child development and about the free resources available to help WIC staff engage and educate families about their children’s development using free materials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s “Learn the Signs. Act Early.”

Introduction to Child Development and Resources from CDC's "Learn the Signs. Act Early." Program