Information for Families Living with Birth Defects

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This section of our website has tools and information about birth defects for families.

Facts about Birth Defects
Find basic information about birth defects, including causes, diagnosis, and prevention.

Specific Birth Defects
Learn more about specific birth defects.

Preventing Birth Defects
Learn ways to help prevent birth defects.

The Health Care Provider’s Role
Find information about what to expect from the child’s health care provider.

Genetic Counseling
Learn about genetics and how a genetic counselor can help families that have a child with a birth defect.

Free Materials
View, print and order FREE brochures on how to prevent some birth defects, including:

  • Folic acid
  • Alcohol use in pregnancy
  • Infections in pregnancy

Links to Other Websites
Find more information and resources on birth defects from other organizations.