Information on Autism Spectrum Disorder for Educators

This section of the website has tools and information about autism spectrum disorder (ASD) for educators.

Photo: Teacher using sign language with a child

Facts about ASD
Learn basic information about ASD, including symptoms, risk factors, screening, treatments, and what to do if you’re concerned.

Developmental Milestones
Children should reach milestones in how they play, learn, speak and act. A delay in any of these areas could be a sign of a developmental problem, even autism. Visit our webpage to see milestones that children should reach from 2 months to 5 years of age, plus interactive tools for parents and staff to help keep track of the milestones.

Go Out and Play!” Kit for early childhood educators [PDF – 259 KB]
The “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” campaign is happy to offer a new tool to help you monitor childhood development during an activity you do everyday with your students – play! The kit also contains information about monitoring developmental milestones, suggestions for a safe and successful activity day, tips about talking to parents if you suspect a child has a developmental delay, and a special pullout section with activities to share with parents for at-home play.

Science Ambassador Program
The Science Ambassador Program is a unique opportunity for current and future science teachers. As part of the program, participants develop science lesson plans for middle and high school students on a range of health topics, including autism spectrum disorders.

Links to Other Websites
Find more information and resources on ASD for educators from other organizations, including a guide for teaching a child with an ASD in the general classroom setting, information on special education, and more.

2023 Community Report on Autism. The latest ADDM Network Data