Information on Autism Spectrum Disorder for Healthcare Providers

This site has information about autism spectrum disorder (ASD) for health care providers, including free educational materials to give to patients.

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Materials for Patients

Milestone Checklists
Print out milestone checklists for parents to complete. You can give this to a parent before their child’s next well-child exam visit; they can bring it back filled out to use as a discussion guide for reviewing their child’s development.

Information and Resources

Autism Case Training Classroom-Based Curriculum – The ACT in-classroom curriculum is designed to educate future healthcare providers on identifying, diagnosing and managing autism spectrum disorder.

Screening and Diagnosis for Healthcare Providers
Find information on screening and diagnosis especially for health care providers from CDC, including developmental screening tools, diagnostic tools, screening in the practice setting, recommendations, and myths.

Guidelines and Recommendations
Find guidelines and recommendations related to developmental surveillance, developmental screening, and diagnosis.

ICD-9-CM Code for Wandering
The ICD-9-CM code for wandering is designed to promote better data collection for and understanding of wandering and to prompt important discussions about safety among healthcare providers, caregivers, and the person with a disability to the fullest extent possible.

Data & Statistics
Find data and statistics related to ASD, including prevalence, risk factors, diagnosis, and economic costs.

Find a summary of CDC research on ASD, including the current Study to Explore Early Development (SEED) project.

Read CDC’s latest scientific articles on ASD.

Links to Other Websites
Find more information and resources on ASD for health care providers, including developmental screening tools, an overview of early intervention, and more.

2023 Community Report on Autism. The latest ADDM Network Data