Information on Autism Spectrum Disorder for Healthcare Providers

What to know

The early identification of developmental problems should lead to further developmental and medical evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment, including early developmental intervention.

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Information and Resources for Healthcare Providers to Review and Share

Information about autism spectrum disorder (ASD) for healthcare providers, including free educational materials to give to parents and patients:

Materials to share with parents and patients

Developmental Milestone Checklists‎

Print out milestone checklists for parents to complete. You can give this to a parent before their child's next well-child exam visit; they can bring it back filled out to use as a discussion guide for reviewing their child's development.
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CDC's Developmental Milestones checklists are free to everyone and available online.

Help CDC Promote Autism Awareness!

ASD Awareness‎

Autism awareness is made possible by collecting the highest quality data available, followed by effectively communicating those findings across all communities. Having social and community awareness and support can help people with ASD achieve optimal health and reach their full potential.
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Join CDC in promoting autism awareness!

Provider Trainings and Additional Resources

Screening for Autism Spectrum Disorder‎

Information for healthcare providers on screening children for ASD.

Did you know?

Screening tools can be used on younger children, usually require minimal training, take a short amount of time to administer, and can incorporate information from parents.

>> MythBusters: Developmental Screening

Diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorder‎

Information for healthcare providers on diagnostic tools and criteria for ASD.

ICD-10-CM Code for Wandering‎

Healthcare and other professionals need to be aware of wandering as a safety issue. Wandering goes beyond the brief time that a typical toddler might run off from a caregiver. Some children and youth with disabilities, such as those with ASD or intellectual disability (ID), have challenges understanding safety issues and communicating with others.

Data and Statistics on Autism Spectrum Disorder‎

Find data and statistics related to ASD, including prevalence, risk factors, diagnosis, and economic costs.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Research‎

Find CDC research on ASD, including the current Study to Explore Early Development (SEED) project.

Scientific Articles on Autism Spectrum Disorder‎

Read CDC's latest scientific articles on ASD.
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