Injury Center Notice of Funding Opportunity Announcements (NOFOs)

List of NOFOs

Funding Opportunities Announcements
Year Topic NOFO Number NOFO Title Application Award Ceiling Anticipated Number of Awards Application Due Date Status
2019 Traumatic Brain Injury RFA-CE-19-003 Evaluation of Return to School Programs for Traumatic Brain Injuryexternal icon  $550,000  2  04/30/2019  Open
2019 Opioid Overdose & Cross-Cutting Violence RFA-CE-19-006 Grants to Support New Investigators in Addressing Cross-Cutting Violence Prevention & Opioid Overdose Preventionexternal icon  $100,000  4  04/01/2019  Open
2019 Opioid Overdose RFA-CE-19-002 Research Grants to Identify Effective Strategies for Opioid Overdose Preventionexternal icon  $750,000  13  04/08/2019  Open
2019 Child Abuse & Neglect RFA-CE-19-005 Research Grants for Preventing Violence & Violence Related Injury (R01)external icon  $350,000  3  03/08/2019 Open
2019 Motor Vehicle Injury RFA-CE-19-004 Etiologic & Effectiveness Research to Address Polysubstance Impaired Drivingexternal icon  $350,000  4  03/15/2019  Open
2019 Injury Control Research Centers RFA-CE-19-001 Injury Control Research Centers $840,286 9 08/06/2018 Closed
2018 Opioid Overdose RFA-CE-18-006 Research Grants for the Primary or Secondary Prevention of Opioid Overdose (R01) $750,000 7 05/15/2018 Closed
2018 Older Adult Falls Prevention RFA-CE-18-004 Research to Evaluate Medication Management of Opioids & Benzodiazepines to Reduce Older Adult Falls $750,000 1 03/23/2018 Closed
2018 Traumatic Brain Injury Prevention RFA-CE-18-003 Research on Improving Pediatric mTBI Outcomes Through Clinician Training, Decision Support, & Discharge Instructions $550,000 1 03/16/2018 Closed
2018 Violence Prevention RFA-CE-18-002 Evaluation of Policies for the Primary Prevention of Multiple Forms of Violence $350,000 2 03/21/2018 Closed
2018 Violence Prevention RFA-CE-18-001 Research Grants for Preventing Violence & Violence Related Injury (R01) $350,000 3 03/26/2018 Closed
2017 Prevention & Control Research RFA-CE-17-003 Research Grants for Preventing Violence & Violence Related Injury (R01) $350,000 3 03/10/2017 Closed
2017 Prevention &Control Research RFA-CE-17-002 Development & Evaluation of Sports Concussion Prevention Strategies (U-01) $550,000 2 02/16/2017 Closed
2017 Prevention & Control, Program Development & Research & Training RFA-CE-17-001 Research Using Linked Data to Understand Motor Vehicle Injury Among Older Adults $400,000 1 02/13/2017 Closed

To Learn More About Previously Funded Research

To learn more information about previously funded research, please visit NIH Reporter.

  1. Visit icon
  2. Select the “Fiscal Year (FY)” of interest and click “Select”
  3. In the “Project Details” section of the website select “Funding” under the “Agency/Institute/Center” option
  4. Click “Select”
  5. Click “Check/Uncheck All”
  6. Scroll down and expand the “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” tab
  7. Select “Nat’l Center for Injury Prevention and Control” and click “Select”
  8. Click “Select” for “Funding Mechanism”
  9. Click “Check/Uncheck All”
  10. Select “Research Project Grants” and click “Select”
  11. Click “Submit Query,” the final step
To Learn More About Funding Opportunity Announcements Older Than Two Years

To learn more about funding opportunity announcements older than two years, please visit

  1. Visit grants.govexternal icon
  2. Select “ Search Grants” in the toolbar
  3. Under “Opportunity Status,” select “Archived”
  4. Deselect “Forecasted” and “Posted”
  5. Under “Agency,” expand the “All Department of Health and Human Services”
  6. Check the box that states, “Centers for Disease Control – NCIPC [HHS-CDC-NCIPC] (7)”