Notice of Award and Administrative Regulations

Understanding your grant begins with fully understanding your Notice of Award, or NoA. The NoA is the legal document that notifies the recipient of an award. Upon receipt of the NoA, you can request funds from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) payment system. You can also begin working on the activities approved in your application. The NoA is issued for the initial budget period, and each budget period during the life of the project.

The NoA includes key information about your grant. You should review the NoA in detail. It will include information such as:

By requesting funds from HHS, you are indicating your acceptance of the award and its terms and conditions. For additional details, and a sample NoA, check out Understanding your Notice of Award.

Each grant is subject to requirements laid out in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), 45 CFR Part 75 and the
HHS Grants Policy Statement (GPS).

The awarding office imposes legal requirements on a grant. The requirements are based on statutes, regulations, policies, or other documents referenced or specified in the NoA. The NoA may include other conditions that are necessary to achieve the award’s objectives, facilitate post-award administration, monitor grant funds, or otherwise protect the federal government’s interests. Each grant is unique. Always reference your NoA for additional information that may be unique to your situation.

The NoA will include information for your Points of Contact, or POCs, for questions about your grant. Also refer to your NoA to find the contact information for your CDC Grants Management Specialist (GMS), Grants Management Officer (GMO), and Project Officer (PO). logo