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Grant recipients receive award payments through the HHS Payment Management System (PMS). PMS is part of the HHS Program Support Center, within the Division of Payment Management. PMS assigns applicant organizations a 12-digit Entity Identification Number (EIN) for payment and accounting purposes. This number is in the NoA. The EIN number is an expansion of the 9-digit Employer or Tax Identification Number assigned to an organization by the Internal Revenue Service. Inquiries regarding payments and requests for downloadable forms should be directed to PMS. Inquiries regarding payments to federal recipients should be directed to your GMS

To request access to PMS, fill out and submit the Division of Payment Management Payment Management System Access Form.

For further guidance and training on the PMS system, and the payment process, visit the PMS Grant Recipient Training webpage. Here you will find a signup page for a two-hour course that will help you:

  • Master PMS access fundamentals
  • Learn how to complete a payment request
  • Learn how to perform account inquiries
  • Run report requests
  • Learn how to correctly complete the Federal Financial Report (FFR)
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