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Whether you work in a health department or school or you are a health care provider, community leader, parent, or just interested in communicating important epilepsy information, we have the resources you need.

Public Awareness Campaigns

CDC supports the Epilepsy Foundation to improve the public’s knowledge about, and attitudes toward, epilepsy to reduce epilepsy stigma.
Learn more about these campaigns.

An education and awareness initiative to improve recognition of different types of seizures, understanding about epilepsy, and knowledge about proper seizure first aid.

Publications and Reports

Learn more about epilepsy with these publications.

Epilepsy Fact Sheet
Learn about the challenge of epilepsy and how CDC is addressing this important public health issue.

Researchers, health care providers, and public health professionals can find reports from organizations such as the World Health Organization and the Institute of Medicine.

Scientific Articles
Find articles on epilepsy from studies supported by the CDC Epilepsy program, organized by both topic and publication year.