New 2023 Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO)

CDC-RFA-DP23-0007: Building capacity for implementing evidence-based epilepsy self-management supports in health care settings

The CDC Epilepsy Program announces a new 5-year, non-research cooperative agreement, pending the availability of funds in fiscal year 2023.

This Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) supplements previous CDC funding opportunity announcements DP16-1602 and DP21-2101 aimed at building social service agency capacity for delivering self-management supports through community-based organizations.

This NOFO is designed to build health care system capacity to deliver evidence-based self-management supports (e.g., evidence-based epilepsy self-management programs) through health care settings (e.g., epilepsy center clinics), to address gaps in delivering these types of services to people with epilepsy.

The NOFO includes an additional component delivering expert technical assistance and training in health care system change strategies (e.g., chronic care model learning collaboratives, quality improvement) to enhance outcomes.

Key outcomes include more effective interventions in health care settings, increased patient referrals, increased participation in interventions, improved health and quality of life, and decreased health care utilization.

Important Information

How to Apply

To view the application package, visit the Opportunity Forecast site.

You may also go to and search for CDC-RFA-DP23-0007 to find the application package.

To apply for this funding opportunity, you must submit your application to

Applicants who are new to federal grants are encouraged to start this process early, since the required registrations may take weeks to process.

Application Deadline

An exact date for NOFO posting has not been established, but it will likely occur in February 2023.

Applicants will have 60 days to submit applications once the NOFO is posted.

Letters of intent (LOIs) are optional, but appreciated to help the program plan for the application review process. Check the full announcement for details on what to include in the LOI, and the due date.

 Applicant Informational Call

To be determined, based on when the NOFO is posted.

Check the full announcement for details. This page will be updated once the NOFO is posted.

A transcript of questions asked and answered will be posted after the call.