Epilepsy-Related Podcasts

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Listen to these epilepsy-related, CDC podcasts for reliable health and safety information when and where you want it.

A Minute of Health

“A Minute of Health” podcasts provide a one-minute overview of a weekly topic.

Managing Epilepsy
This podcast briefly highlights the importance of early diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy. Released 4/19/2018.

Epilepsy Awareness
Approximately 3.4 million people in the US have active epilepsy. This podcast discusses the signs and treatment for epilepsy. Released 8/10/2017.

Responding to Seizures
When helping someone with a seizure, it’s important to remain calm. This podcast discusses what to do if you witness someone having a seizure. Released 11/26/2015.

A Cup of Health

“A Cup of Health with CDC” podcasts include interviews with epilepsy experts.

Managing Epilepsy
Running time = 4:46
In this podcast, learn about the importance of recognizing and treating epilepsy. Released 4/19/2018.

Epilepsy Awareness
Running time= 6:06
Epilepsy is a brain disorder that leads to recurring seizures. In this podcast, Rosemarie Kobau discusses the signs of and treatment for epilepsy. Released 8/10/2017.

Responding to Seizures
Running time= 6:23
As traumatic as epilepsy can be for the person experiencing seizures, it can be just as troubling for witnesses who want to try and help. In this podcast, Rosemarie Kobau, MPH, MAPP, discusses the appropriate way to help someone who is experiencing a seizure. Released 11/26/2015.