Currently Funded Epidemiologic Research Projects

The CDC Epilepsy Program currently supports this study that examines the epidemiology of epilepsy.

Studying Rare Epilepsies in New York City: Using Text Processing of Clinical Notes in Electronic Health Records to Improve Surveillance

Weill Medical College of Cornell University

The goal of this study is to apply text processing (a method to scan for words) in electronic health records from several medical centers in New York City to improve surveillance and epidemiology of rare epilepsies. Rare forms of epilepsy usually involve very difficult to control seizures in children. Researchers will describe the incidence, prevalence, comorbidities, mortality, and quality of care for individuals with rare epilepsies. The study findings will help centers identify rare epilepsies to support surveillance, research, quality improvement, care management, and referral of patients with rare epilepsies to advocacy organizations.


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