Cholera in Africa

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Cholera, largely eliminated from industrialized countries by water and sewage treatment over a century ago, still remains a significant cause of illness and death in many African countries.

In the twenty-first century, sub-Saharan Africa bears the brunt of global cholera. The region is broadly affected by many cholera cases and outbreaks that can spread across countries 1.

The percentage of people who die from reported cholera cases remains higher in Africa than elsewhere. This reflects the lack of access to basic health care because of cholera’s simple treatment of rehydration therapy 2.

Many African countries face the dual challenges of improving both cholera treatment—access to basic health care, and prevention—improved water and sanitation systems.

Improving global access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) is a critical step to reducing Africa’s cholera burden.

Cholera in Africa — Topics
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