Asthma Data Visualizations

Data visualizations created using Microsoft Power BI feature four main asthma indicators: current asthma, asthma attacks among people with current asthma, healthcare use (i.e. asthma emergency department visits and asthma hospitalizations), and asthma mortality. National asthma estimates are provided for all four indicators. State maps for current asthma and asthma mortality using data from various surveillance systems and national and state-based surveys are also provided. Viewers have the option to view charts with corresponding data tables by selecting year, age groups, gender, or race and ethnicity. Viewers can click the icon at the top right edge of charts to enter focus mode or the bottom Power BI pane for full-screen mode. Footnotes listed on each page include detailed information corresponding to data tables as well as data source weblinks for more information. Each page has a significant findings box on the left side with data summaries.