Administering the MMR Vaccine

For Children and Adolescents

The dosage for both MMR (PRIORIX and M-M-R II) and MMRV is 0.5 mL. All three vaccines are administered by the subcutaneous route.

The minimum age for both MMR vaccines and MMRV is 12 months of age. The typical age for the second dose of either vaccine is at 4 to 6 years of age. The maximum age for administration of MMRV is 12 years. It should not be administered to anyone 13 years of age or older. Both MMR vaccines may be administered to anyone 12 months of age or older.

The minimum interval between MMR doses is 4 weeks (28 days). The minimum interval between MMRV doses is 3 months.

The preferred injection site in small children is the anterolateral aspect of the thigh. The posterior triceps aspect of the upper arm is the preferred site for older children and adolescents.

For Adults

The dosage for MMR vaccine is 0.5 mL by the subcutaneous route. If a second dose is indicated, the minimum interval between the first and second doses should be separated by at least 4 weeks (28 days). The preferred injection site for adults is the posterior triceps aspect of the upper arm.