Gentamicin Shortage

On 7/23/2021, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reported a shortage of gentamicin sulfate injection (80mg per 2ml). Gentamicin, in combination with azithromycin, is an alternative regimen for use if ceftriaxone is not available for uncomplicated gonococcal infection of the cervix, urethra or rectum among adults and adolescents. In addition, gentamicin, in combination with azithromycin, can be considered as an alternative to ceftriaxone for persons with cephalosporin allergy. Treatment regimens for gonorrhea are outlined in the 2021 STI Treatment Guidelines. Product is available or in limited supply from one of the manufacturers. For more information regarding the availability of gentamicin, visit the FDA Drug Shortage Websiteexternal icon.