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Online Trainings

CDC plays an important role in identifying and describing policy options to address public health problems, analyzing policies to understand their potential health, economic and budgetary impacts, and identifying evidence-based policy solutions and gaps in the evidence base.

Likewise, public health professionals can play an important role in the policy process. They develop partnerships, analyze and evaluate policy, educate stakeholders, implement evidence-based policies, and communicate findings.

The following online training courses listed below were developed by CDC’s Office of the Associate Director For Policy and Strategy for a broad audience, including CDC staff, public health professionals, and those who analyze and inform policy. The goal of these trainings is to increase the learner’s understanding of major policy-related concepts and methods, and to improve their capacity in developing and translating science to inform policy decisions.

Introduction to Economic Evaluation

This one-hour online course provides a broad overview of economic evaluation methods with illustrative examples.

Introduction to Policy Analysis in Public Health

This one-hour online course introduces the learner to a policy process developed at CDC and provides specific instruction on the policy analysis component of the process. Instructional content will result in the learner having a better understanding of what policy analysis is, its application in public health, and how it can contribute to the development of policy.

Introduction to Policy Evaluation in Public Health

This one-hour online course introduces the learner to the use of policy evaluation in public health and provides specific instruction on applying evaluation methods throughout a policy process. Instructional content describes what “policy evaluation” is and will enable the learner to have a better understanding of how to apply the CDC Evaluation Framework to conduct an evaluation of policies that may impact public health.