Examples of Business Contributions to Community Health

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See examples of what other businesses have done to strengthen community health.

What are some real-life examples of what businesses have done to improve community health? When businesses invest in communities and help to ensure that the vital conditions for health, wealth, and well-being are met for everyone, both businesses and communities can thrive. Many businesses have already taken actions to strengthen communities, as described in various products of this Surgeon General’s report:

  • Exemplars. Eight exemplars depict actions that specific companies have taken to solve a business problem while also addressing a societal challenge. Full-length exemplars are woven into the Full Report and abbreviated versions appear in the Business Digest.
  • Business Practices. Community-Strengthening Business Practices   highlights business actions and community engagements that may motivate other businesses to strengthen communities and help the U.S. economy work for everyone—because that’s good for business.
  • Perspectives. Through the Afterword  in the full report and Perspectives From Business Leaders four chief executive officers share their knowledge of and experiences with the work ahead to improve community health and increase economic prosperity.
  • Tools and Resources. Appendix A in the full report presents practical and actionable tools and resources for businesses and employers that would like to engage with communities to improve community health and economic outcomes.