Program Strategy

The Program Performance and Evaluation Office provides guidance on strategic program design and facilitates connections across offices to improve public health impact of CDC programs. In addition, the office offers facilitation services for strategic planning, evaluation, and planning activities.

One area of focus for PEO is the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO). Programs across the agency develop NOFOs to award financial assistance through grants and cooperative agreements. These agreements fund research and non-research activities to advance the agency’s public health mission. PEO provides technical assistance and resources to programs developing non-research NOFOs, including planning, development, and recipient selection processes. For more information about CDC’s NOFO process, see:

PEO also has expertise in strategy, program design, and planning for future work. Staff provide consultations for programs who are interested in strategic planning and leveraging funds to achieve public health impact. PEO also manages planning for some agency-level priorities, including developing frameworks, identifying priorities, facilitating linkages across program areas, and communicating successes.