Community Health and Economic Prosperity (CHEP)

Engaging Businesses as Stewards and Stakeholders: A Report of the Surgeon General

The Community Health and Economic Prosperity: Engaging Businesses as Stewards and Stakeholders—A Report of the Surgeon General considers the relationship between community health and economic prosperity, and describes the vital conditions that shape individual, family and community health. This perspective is an important one for businesses because it identifies:

  • The cost of unmet vital conditions to businesses, and
  • The ways that businesses, in partnership with others, can improve community health.

Did you know that businesses can play a powerful role in improving the health and well-being of everyone in our communities? Are you interested in learning how businesses can engage with stakeholders and partners in ways that can enhance their bottom lines? Take a tour of the Community Health and Economic Prosperity resources to see how you can get involved.

U.S. Health Disadvantage: Causes and Potential Solutions

I want to…understand the U.S. health disadvantage, its causes, and what can be done to address it.

Business and Community Organization Partnerships

I want to…understand how I can contribute to partnerships between businesses and community organizations to improve community health.

Community Health is Important to Business

I want to…understand why community health is important to business.

Resources to Businesses

I want to…understand what my business can do to address the U.S. health disadvantage and improve community health.

Examples of Business Contributions to Community Health

I want to…see examples of what other businesses have done to strengthen community health.

Comprehensive CHEP Materials

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