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Understand what my business can do to address the U.S. health disadvantage and improve community health.

Today’s business leaders are concerned about the larger economic impacts of a workforce that is suffering from high rates of disease and disability, generating high healthcare costs, and dying prematurely.

Here’s what businesses can do. Each recommendation represents a potentially powerful action that businesses can take, often in partnership with others, to begin the work of strengthening communities and creating value for business and society:

  • Learn more about stakeholders,
  • Foster a culture of collaboration,
  • Develop strategic cross-sector partnerships, and
  • Measure performance using meaningful indicators of community health and well-being.

For more information and citations, explore these CHEP resources:

  • What Can Businesses Do to Help Address the U.S. Health Disadvantage? (fact sheet 
  • The U.S. Health Disadvantage: Implications for Businesses and Employers (video)
    This brief animated video introduces the U.S. health disadvantage and the seven vital conditions that shape health, wealth, and well-being, and it describes how businesses can contribute to those conditions.
  • Who Can Businesses Work With to Strengthen Community Health and Economic Prosperity? (fact sheet
  • How Can Businesses Engage With Communities? (video
    This brief animated video explores how businesses and communities are connected and can work together to create healthy communities.
  • Community-Strengthening Business Practices as Highlighted in Community Health and Economic Prosperity Engaging Businesses as Stewards and Stakeholders—A Report of the Surgeon General (brief
    This brief presents 40 examples of business actions and community engagements that work to improve community health, wealth, and well-being and increase economic prosperity. These practices may motivate other businesses to strengthen communities and help the U.S. economy work for everyone.
  • Community Health and Economic Prosperity: A Digest of the Surgeon General’s Report for Business Leaders (digest
    Intended for business readers on the go, the Business Digest succinctly repurposes, both textually and visually, the main ideas, key takeaways, and recommendations from the full report.