Overview of the Office

The Performance and Evaluation Office (PEO) helps CDC programs and external partners achieve the greatest possible health impact by working with them in three areas of emphasis:

  1. Program Strategy
  2. Performance and accountability
  3. Program evaluation

Key Goals

PEO will make meaningful, recognized contributions to CDC program impact by:

  • Developing tools, promoting resources and sharing best practices about how to achieve meaningful improvements in programs that will help them maximize their impact
  • Fostering a culture of program accountability and continuous program improvement

Primary Functions

  • Provide agency-wide direction, standards, and technical assistance for program planning, performance and accountability, and program evaluation
  • Provide intensive analytic and advisory assistance to enable effective redesign of select programs and priorities
  • Develop and promote new initiatives based on emerging issues, science, and policy
  • Support the harmonization and integration of performance measurement, accountability, and program evaluation
  • Guide the collection and analysis of performance and accountability data, including Healthy People 2020, HHS High Priority Goals, and the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA)
  • Support assessment of program effectiveness to guide further science, policy, and programmatic efforts
  • Guide performance-based strategic planning
  • Establish routine, continuous program improvement based on effective program evaluation and meaningful performance measurement
  • Provide resources and assistance to build capacity of programs to perform strong monitoring and evaluation
  • Coordinate action planning for high impact initiatives Top of Page