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Variation in Risk of COVID-19 Infection and Predictors of Social Determinants of Health in Miami–Dade County, Florida


Map A shows the census block groups in Miami-Dade County that have high rates of COVID-19 compared with all other census block groups in the county. Map B is the same map as A but at a larger geographic area of zip codes. This zip code–level map was used to estimate rates at the census block group level because COVID-19 data are only reported at larger geographies, such as zip codes or cities.

Figure 1.

Map A shows estimated census block group level COVID-19 rates per 1,000 population for Miami–Dade County, Florida (generated with areal interpolation) based on zip code level rates. Map B is the same map as A but at a larger geographic area of zip codes. Data are for the 89,556 confirmed cases of COVID-19 reported as of July 21, 2020, in the Florida Department of Health COVID-19 Data and Surveillance Dashboard. Maps show rates (by quintiles) per 1,000 population.

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Three maps show areas in Miami–Dade County with low or high values of the 3 indexes (eg, greater disadvantage or greater advantage).

Figure 2.

Maps of selected composite measures of 3 social determinants of health indexes for census block groups in Miami–Dade County, Florida: socioeconomic status and opportunity index, social disadvantage index, and convergence of vulnerability index. Abbreviation: SES, socioeconomic status.

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