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Trends in Adolescent Treatment Admissions for Marijuana in the United States, 2008–2017


Admissions rates increased over the study period in only 7 states, 6 of which (excepting North Dakota) have low mean admissions rates. Low mean admissions rates tended to occur in a loose band extending from the Southwest through the South, Appalachia, and into parts of New England. All 12 states in the high mean admissions rate class sustained admissions declines, with 10 of those states having declines in the steepest category. Admissions rates declined during the study period in 40 of the 47 states mapped.

Figure 1.

Map. The main map shows the 2008–2017 mean admissions rate for each state. Declines in mean admissions rates over time are shown in blue and gray, and increases are shown in orange. States with higher admissions rates are darker and states with lower rates are lighter. Marijuana legalization status appears in the inset map. Abbreviations: CBD, cannabidiol; THC, tetrahydrocannabinol.

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